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The purpose of PriceSpy technology is to provide answers to pricing, price monitoring and product comparison problems in e-Commerce when faced with thousands or tens of thousands of products. Such high volume of products can no longer be handled manually and this is where data and text mining methods come in really handy. The technology is analogous to working with Lego bricks; the various problems are treated using various modules.

The concept of competition in online trade significantly differed from conventional forms; everyone who can make it into the top ten search items on Google and/or advertises on price comparison sites is a potential competitor. The ultimate aim of our service is to help you develop a cost-effective online advertising strategy by analysing your competition.

Using stable servers in a professional environment, we offer our clients reliable and prompt domain registration and hosting services.

Whether you are a small business in need of a simple e-shopping basket, or a wholesaler requiring the full spectrum of e-commerce IT tools, GreyMatter gives you reliable solutions with its easily scalable e-commerce modules (b2c, b2b).

Professional website and portal development for the business, public, and private sectors. By applying the latest web development and design technologies, we are able to deliver effective solutions that answer clients' needs within a short turnaround time.