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GOP Tender in the Pocket
2011-08-05 08:58

In 2010 GreyMatter Kft. was selected a winner in GOP.2009 1.3.1/A eCommerce R+D tender.

The project aim was to create an intelligent eCommerce solution that

1) is capable of assisting the process of building databases of price-comparison sites.

The resulting webshop crawler is capable of making a back-up copy of webshops' products (product name, properties, price, etc.) while automatically updating the existing databases in order to ensure that data is always up to date, and also optimising the use of hardware resources and the need for human intervention.

2) is capable of comparing the products of different webshops with a similar profile.

The product comparison module recognises if any given product is available in multiple stores even if the product is known under different names.

The above goals are attained by the utilisation of the research findings of the following fields: information extraction, data and text mining, and semantic web.##

3) Business use 

Designed to provide data on the basis of the databases, web services will be developed specifically for business use. By subscribing to the service, webstores can query, among others, if any given selected product is sold by the competition and, if yes, at what prices; if not, what similar products are available (and at what price).

The target audience of the final product consists of Hungarian and international webshops and price comparison websites. For reference see: Compare Group - a price comparison company we have been working together since January 2011 .

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