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Multi-lingual Portal and Workflow Asstant Software Development for TOXINFO Bt.

The aim of the project is to prepare the corporate website and a 12-language, web-based administration system for companies engaged in the preparation and interpretation of safety data sheets; as well as to automate the business work flow.

In the course of making the corporate portal it was important to retain the positions already obtained in web search engines and even to improve upon them wherever possible.

The aim of the MSDOCS system is to promote and extend business activities relating to TOXINFO safety datasheets. Business activity in this sense includes ordering, implementation, the tracking and recycling of information that arise during implementation. Accordingly, the software is designed to model the business activity. Supporting business activity means enabling TOXINFO clients to manage the information provided to them. The information units uploaded to the system are safety datasheets, with related professional content, and the related administrative documents.

The completed system implements full-scale online document management, in other words, files can be uploaded to the server, where they can be placed in several folders and labelled. In order to give you an idea of the magnitude of the project, the MSDOCS system is similar to Google Docs file manager system with the only exception being that the uploaded files cannot be edited online. Nevertheless, special operations may be performed on the specific files that relate to the workflow.