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Wombat Goes to Uni

The Medical Physical and Medical IT Institute of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Szeged also selected the Wombat CMS to implement multimedia and web development tasks under the "HUSRB/0901/221/088 Teaching Mathematics and Statistics in Sciences" project.

As part of the project, the following tasks will be implemented:

  1. Website development for the task force dealing with computer-assisted modelling and computer-assisted mathematics teaching.
  2. "Meet the Professor" module: one author and a lecture extract in Hungarian, English, and Serbian, from which the schools can select lectures they would like to hear and invite the lecturer. Author, subject, and keyword search in the catalogue.
  3. The teaching materials make up one of the most important elements of the development. The electronic teaching materials prepared in the course of the project ensure a standard visual web format.
  4. Preparation of an e-Book entitled "Mathematics in the Sciences, Interesting Mathematical Problems in Everyday Life".
  5. WYSIWYG editing of mathematical materials in the CMS system.
  6. Ensuring that the website is constantly updated.

The portal may be viewed at  http://www.model.u-szeged.hu .