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Brand New Look

We are pleased to inform all our partners and visitors that our website has been given a completely new look and brand new functions.

With the making of our new website, we aimed to give you an interface that is a worthy representation of our company and can communicate our services and activities effectively to our visitors. In other words, it has been long overdue that the shoemaker was given a new pair of shoes.

Beside the new look and the more functional layout, the site has also been given additional content. The News section describes our latest projects and provides information on current events. A newsletter service has been introduced to provide our subscribers with up-to-date information.

Along with the company website, the website of GreyMatter's own development, the SiteEngine Wombat content management system has also been given a new look. The technical background to both sites are provided by Wombat CMS.

We trust that our partners and visitors will also find the redesigned site and its functions easier to navigate and more informative.