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SEO dictionary

The aim of this small size dictionary is to help understand the basic concepts of SEO related to webstore competition analysis.


Search Engine Optimization is a collection of tools and activities that helps promote the position of a given website on Search Engine Result Pages. SEO relates to organic hits

Google organic hit list

The organic hit lists are presented by search engines without requiring any additional payment.

Google adWords, paid advertising

Google adWords is a Google developed system that makes it possible to place advertised links in front of organic hits, and inside Google Content Network. The system is bid based in which the advertisers bid on words or expressions. The position of paid advertisings depends on both the quality of the ads and landing pages, and a host of other requirements defined by Google.

Google Top Ten

The first ten positions on Google's organic hit list

WebShop Conversion Rate

This is a ratio that gives you the number of visitors out of one hundred to a WebShop that actually make a purchase.

Long tail advertising campaign

"Long tail" is a general economic concept that became popular owing to the work of Italian economist Pareto. According to the theory, "80% of your sales come from 20% of your clients". Source: Wikipedia. The term "long tail" is derived from the fact that the mathematical graph describing the theory has a long tail.

  long tail kampány  
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Since Pareto's discovery of 1906, it has been proven that the theory is applicable in a number of fields. In this instance, we are dealing with only a few heavily used keywords and scores of others much less in demand. A "long tail" campaign focuses on less popular keywords. A keyword is considered popular if many searches are made for them, such as "toy" or "tool".


Google Analytics

Google's free service. With the help of the software you can analyse the following data of your website:

  • visitor statistics,
  • traffic sources,
  • content statistics,
  • and eCommerce data.


Meta Keyword

Contains a text description of a given page of any website. This is a list of expressions containing the keywords characteristic of the page. There has been ongoing debate among SEO-gurus to the extent Google takes these into account when ranking a page. We believe it is not entirely pointless to collect these words even if only for ourselves.

Title tag

Title is the heading shown in the title line of the browser. As for its importance, it will suffice to say that the "knowledgeable SEO world" is almost unequivocally of the opinion that this is one of the most important meta tags, or descriptive elements.

Title tag a böngészőbenTitle tag a böngészőben

The figure shows the Title tag as it appears in the browser.