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Webstore Competition Analysis

The concept of competition in online trade significantly differed from conventional forms; everyone who can make it into the top ten search items on Google and/or advertises on price comparison sites is a potential competitor. The ultimate aim of our service is to help you develop a cost-effective online advertising strategy by analysing your competition.

We have often found that neither the SEO, nor Google adWords can help webshops to develop appropriate conversion rates. This is presented through two examples taken from real life.

Let us presume now that you are selling projectors in your webstore, which is listed in  Google's top 10 when the word "projector" is searched for, but the competition, who is also shown among the top ten search items, sells projectors at a lower price.  Now, all the money you invested in SEO was pointless becasue customers will buy the same product at a lower price from your competition.

Now let's presume that your webstore is selling power tools and you find that the products of your competition are shown in Google's top ten search itmes than your own products. For this reason you decide to run a "long tail" adWords campaign. However, your decision will only pay off if the campaign is preceded by an online market analysis to map out the advertising strategies of your competition in the field of of power tools. If you miss out on this, the only winner of your campaign will be Google.

Competition analysis is designed to help webstores that want to understand the types of webstores operating alongside them, and the types of products and prices they work with.

Competition analysis is conditional upon:

  • having at least one-year online sales history,
  • having at least 500 products on offer,
  • having  Google Analytics installed on the website of the store.


The formula is quite simple: You give us a list of keywords and we regularly provide you with a list showing you all the main characteristics of your keywords, the competing webstore and price comparisons. We also provide you with specific guidance as to what to do to be one step ahead of your competition.

We compile the list of webstore and price comparisons based on the keywords you have given us, but you are also free to select up to 30 webstores that you would like us to include in the analysis.
Keywords are typically exported by our clients from Google Analytics, or collected using adWords; if necesary, we are also happy to help our clients identify the best keywords.
The service is based no assigning product and keywords, which needs be done only once and constantly maintained thereafter. We believe that the relevant keywords assigned to products make up an important part of corporate data assets. The product-keyword assignment is done using text mining methods.

The assignment is used - among others - in the eMarketing activities of webshops to:

  • identify their strongest competition since with the use and analysis of the lists it becomes possible to identify the search positions of competing stores and the appropriate keywords to use
  • map out the online competitive edge of the competition
  • customise the meta Keywords tagsand the Title tags of the webstores
  • automate adWords ads
  • optimise their presence among the different price-comparison sites
  • examine the keyword performance of the competition


Client services and lists:

  • Product-keyword assignment and update from time to time
  • Long tail keyword research assisted by text mining methods
  • Competition list, competition list monitoring
  • Traffic and popularity analysis
  • Competition list with top 10 results
  • Compeition list complete with paid ads of competition with keywords
  • Competition list with organic search keywords
  • Price comparison websites on Google
  • Long-tail keyword list compilation
  • Support of content development, product-linked potential YouTube video list


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