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Whether you are a small business in need of a simple e-shopping basket, or a wholesaler requiring the full spectrum of e-commerce IT tools, GreyMatter gives you reliable solutions with its easily scalable e-commerce modules (b2c, b2b).

Product registry

The system enables vendors to:

  • add an arbitrary number of product features (e.g. product name, description, image, recommended buyer target group, etc.)
  • classify products into categories (any one product may be classed into a number of different categories)
  • manage product status depending on availability (in stock, below threshold, available on order)
  • dynamic management of product prices (e.g. specials, preferred customer bonuses)


Product retrieval and management

The system enables customers to:

  • browse product category systems
  • filter products by characteristics (e.g. name, price interval, etc.)
  • it automatically recommends similar products using data mining
  • it recommends related products (others who have bought this have also purchased these)



The system enables customers to:

  • place products into their shopping baskets
  • view and modify the content of their virtual basket
  • to add comments to products purchased
  • order products using a user-friendly, easy-to-follow interface
  • select delivery options
    • on-site pick-up
    • home delivery
  • select the payment method
    • cash upon delivery
    • bank transfer
    • bank card
  • online monitoring of the order status


Customer service and administration

The system enables vendors to:

  • identify returning customers
  • monitor order status, and the entire performance process
    • manage multiple administrators
    • log administrator activities
    • send a notice of orders received
    • configure buyer's communication interface (email messages are automatically generated from templates)
  • record invoice numbers (invoice numbers, delivery number, receipt number)
  • export data for return-receipt home deliveries
  • view statistics
    • analyse visitor statistics
    • traffic statistics
    • customer activities


Terms of use, customisation, extendibility

Data may be uploaded manually or by data export from corporate commercial system. If using this latter alternative, it suffices to provide the data that are visible in the web store; GreyMatter does not require confidential company data (partners, purchase prices, etc.) In order to launch the webstore application, you only need to set configuration parameters before all functionalities become operable.

We consider it important to tailor certain functions to the company profile and corporate business practices.

    • These include public product information, features, and filtering parameters.
    • The administration interface, which is invisible to customers, but is a fundamental prerequisite of effective and profitable operation and an essential components of accurate and prompt service, is given special attention.
    • The optimisation of listing and ranking in search systems (WEBSHOP SEO) is also only possible as part of customisation.
  • Owing to the modular structure of the e-commerce  system, it can be extended by an unlimited number of further functions.