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Web Development

Professional website and portal development for the business, public, and private sectors. By applying the latest web development and design technologies, we are able to deliver effective solutions that answer clients' needs within a short turnaround time.

The activities of GreyMatter cover the full range of web development from the creation of the simplest of websites to complex e-commerce applications, including graphic design, development, the creation of online visualisation, online business communication and the hosting of the developed sites.

Whether you are a business owner, the representative of an NGO, a public institution, or a private individual, we would be happy to help you create your unique and attractive online presence.


The creation of a professional website is always a result of cooperation; our client defines the objective and we provide the proper tools and technology to help achieve the stated aims. From the start to the very end of our projects - in line with agile development principles - we continue to closely monitor each aspect of the work; we not only implement the tasks requested but offer customised solutions to our clients in any situation with a sense of ownership.


Webdesign - or interface design - is the process of creating and planning your business' website. If your business has an already established visual identity, we replant the typical corporate design elements into the new webdesign; however, if you have not yet developed your corporate visual identity, we are happy to help you do that too. 
Good design is not wanton, it serves the purpose of functionality; it can capture the attention of visitors, convey messages, and prompt visitors to display desired action. For this reason, we promote elegant, clear styles that can effectively communicate essential content.


The most critical resource users may have is their attention span. The best method, therefore, to reward our visitors for the time they devote to our website is to make the information they are seeking easy to access. We work hard to ensure that the content is clear and concise across all websites we design. 
Effective internet presence is fundamentally conditional upon scoring high in keyword searches; with the synchronisation of technical development and content development we help you convey your message to your target group.


Our websites are based on GreyMatter's own SiteEngine Wombat CMS engine. This is a content management system developed on an open platform that can help us deliver customised solutions within a short deadline. In contrast to ready-made and open-source CMS systems, you don't have to make compromises when it comes to the visual identity or structural design of the website. Furthermore, Wombat CMS is a software architecture that keeps constantly growing, since our clients' specific requests are always generalised and the offered solutions are integrated into the entire system. This way we can provide you with complex systems not only in a short time, but also cost-effectively. Our motivated development team has the knowledge and experience to realise and constantly serve your business' needs in the ever-changing world of the internet.