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EyeCam: online camera in HD

The Pilis mountain range can be viewed form the comfort of your home using remote controlled cameras.

The aim of the eyeCam project is to provide visitors of the site a real-time a panoramic view in HD quality. In addition to this, environmental input from various sensors (e.g temperature, wind force, rainfall) are collected, processed and stored. The software and hardware configuration developed under the framework of the project can be used not only for tourism purposes but also in safety, education and healthcare. In the implementation we installed a AXIS Q6032E  PTZ web camera and YYY weather unit. The system was developed by appointment of Donatello Kft under the framework of the Baross Gábor Central Hungary Regional Program on the support of technology development by the NKTH.

Main system features:

    • Camera control 360 degree horizontal and 180 degree vertical plane,
    • zooming,
    • what is worth seeing  methodology: you can click on sights set by the system operator and the camera will automatically search for and find them for you,
    • snapshots ,
    • full screen  view,
    • 360-degree,  panorama imaging and image viewing, every hour
    • archives: retrievable through a calendar with 24-hour break down,
    • "time lapse" function (digital interweaving of panorama images taken every ten minutes to present a full-day in fast forward motion),
  • with the help of an integrated weather unit configured for use with the system you can view the temperature, the wind force and direction, and the amount or rainfall.